quinta-feira, dezembro 30, 2010


Every specialization, especially the field of information technology and related fields such as security, uses its own lingo. It speeds up the conversation between professionals, and as long as we all agree on the meaning of the words, everything proceeds as expected. Problems arise when people not familiar with the lingo need an explanation. That is when the following happens.


Now that we are discussing lingo, many of the networking people will know what the acronym "APSTNDP" stands for. It's used to remember the different OSI layers in the correct order: Application - Presentation - Session - Transport - Network - Datalink - Physical. To make the acronym easier to remember, the sentence "All People Seem To Need Data Processing" was introduced, where the first letter of each words gives you "APSTNDP". The problem with that line is its rather dull nature. Why not make things a little more interesting? From now on I would like to see the following line being taught in every networking course: "A Priest Saw Thirty Nuns Doing Pushups". Thanks for your help.

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