quinta-feira, maio 04, 2017

Terms to know

  1. Motive: a need or desire that influences behavior
  2. Speculative statement: a statement of something that could logically happen in the present circumstances.
  3. Point of View: an attitude or feeling about an issue
  4. Theory: an explanation that may grow out of an hypothesis; tries to explain a wide variety of circumstances
  5. Bias: a slant in favor or against
  6. Fact: something that can be proven
  7. Precedent: examples of earlier actions or events that can be used as an example in a later action
  8. Opinion: something that cannot be proven; usually involves ones feelings about a subject
  9. Objection: a statement against a statement, theory, or action.
  10. Belief: a thought held to be true no matter what the facts are
  11. Consequences: those actions or reactions that happen as a result of something being done or said

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